Website To Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red You Will Find The Latest Styles. Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red How Much Are The Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red You Will Find The Latest Styles BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) Malcolm Delaney scored 22 points to help Virginia Tech rally past Maryland 91 83 on Tuesday night. The Hokies (17 7, 7 4 Atlantic Coast Conference), who have won 13 of their past 16 games, trailed 76 75 after a basket by Maryland's Jordan Williams with 5:21 remaining. But behind Delaney and Erick Green, Virginia Tech went on a 9 0 run to take control of the game. Green hit a 3 pointer in that run, and Delaney hit six free throws, including two with 1:14 left that gave the Hokies an 84 76 lead. Maryland (16 10, 5 6) stopped the run with a 3 pointer by Dino Gregory with 1:09 left. The Terps cut the lead to 87 83 with 33 seconds left on two Terrell Stoglin free throws. But Delaney hit two free throws with 28 seconds left push the lead back to six, and after Stoglin missed a 3 pointer, Delaney added two more with 14 seconds to go to account for the final margin. Despite hitting just 3 of 14 shots from the floor, Delaney canned all 14 of his free throw attempts. The Hokies made 9 of 10 from the free throw line in the final five minutes..

Historically, customer service was delivered over the phone or in person. Customers didn't have many choices, and switching to competitors was cumbersome. Today, these methods are but two of the many possible touch points of entry for any given interaction. With all the options the Internet brings, competition is literally a click away. If, as has been reported, 65% of your business comes from current customers, then in order to stay in business, you best focus on winning the satisfaction and loyalty of those customers. With continued attention on customer service, customer retention, and lifetime value of the customer, it is no surprise that contact center operations continue to increase in importance as the primary hub of a customer's experience. The contact center is still the most common way that customers get in touch with businesses. In fact, Gartner reports 92% of all contact is through the center. While much attention has been focused on the technology and benefits of providing multiple channels for customer contact, little consideration has been directed to handling the human part of the equation training Customer and Technical Service Representatives to field more than just telephone communications. With the explosion of e commerce, the need to reinforce keeping the human element in the equation is paramount. Certainly now more than ever before in history, customer centric service is a necessity. Twenty five years from now customers will still be human beings, still be driven by desires and needs. Virtual environments do not create virtual customers. Except for the simplest transactions, some customers still need to be connected with and nurtured by a live person. Lines of demarcation have blurred and change is rampant in today's center. Why? Because of our cell phones, voice mail, faxback, PDA's, and e mail. We are now more available and accessible than ever before. The fact is voice is the most natural and powerful human interface, real time or otherwise. That isn't going to change any time soon. To the customer, people are inseparable from the services they provide. Actually, the person on the other end of the phone is the company. It is no wonder, then, that companies with superior people management, invest heavily in training and retraining, reinforcing the human element. Yet customers still leave. The latest statistics on why are: 45% because of poor service 20% because of lack of attention. This means that 65% of your customers leave because of something your front line is, or is not, doing. 15% for a better product 15% for a cheaper product and 5% other This is the good and the bad news. It's bad news because that's a high percentage. On the other hand, it's good news because there is something you can do about it it resides on the human side. It is agreed that people, process, and 'state of the art' technology are what make companies work. For me, the people process is most important. After all, it's the people who truly make the difference. Never lose sight of the fact that we are human beings, not merely 'human doings.' The fact is 70% to 90% of what happens with customers is driven by human nature, having nothing to do with technology. Technology is meant to enable human endeavors, not to disable them. Extraordinary service or lack thereof, separates the good from the great companies. After all, basic needs of all of us are to be heard and treated with dignity and respect. I think of a call as an ABC process. 'A' represents the customer presenting their question, request, complaint or problem. 'C' is the ultimate resolution. Most times 'B' is either skipped or left out because of metrics, calls in queue, or simply because you know the answer before the customer is even finished speaking. 'B' is where the agent acknowledges what they hear be it upset, anger, frustration, or fear. Or, a simple 'thank you for taking the time to call and bring this to our attention.' After all, if a customer calls in to complain, you have the opportunity/challenge to turn them around. If they don't call, and only complain to other people, you have no opportunity. Does going through 'B' take longer? Not at all. It allows you to move the customer to a more productive interaction and close the call. I've heard many customers repeat their opening paragraph (A) over and over, while at the same time the agent is trying to get them to resolution (C). Red alert! Red alert! Acknowledge what is behind the words and you will move them quickly to 'C.' I believe you can't go from A to C without going through B. If all customers wanted just the facts (and some do), they could ascertain the information online. Most customers (people) want the human interaction, someone to hear them, someone to care. A simple, "I'm so sorry that was your experience. My name is Rosanne and I'm going to do my best to help you right here and now." Self Service When asked the question in a recent study, "What is the biggest barrier your company encounters to self service effectiveness?" only 14% of the customers replied they don't know about it.' This means that the 86% who do know about it and attempt to use it (1) find it too hard to navigate, (2) can't find the answers, and/or (3) don't trust the system or the answers they do find. Research shows that customers prefer to deal with companies who are the most consistently accessible. When customers experience a level of service from email and chat support, for instance, that equals or exceeds voice support, then and only then will they gladly migrate to those channels to resolve their problems and inquiries. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red ,Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women New Green Red Men Nike Free Run 3.0 Chrome Yellow Reflect Silver Platinum White Men Nike Free 4.0 Game Royal Blue Electric Green Pure Platinum Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Wolf Grey Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Being a runner over 40 has presented new areas of interest (and concern) for me on the road and more importantly in my training and recovery off the road. I would like to share some insights and tips that I have learned along the way. Many of these women's running tips can apply to all runners, but they definitely take on a new perspective as the years go on and we get older, wiser, and perhaps, faster. 1. Adding Miles: SLOWLY! Use the 10% rule. Add no more than 10% increase of the mileage each week. Here's more detailed explanation and chart from FitSugar. 2. Warmup: As we get older, the body needs time to get going and giving it that time will help avoid injuries. See "The Perfect Warmup" from Runner's World. For a different, low impact, cross training option, see our recent post on Aqua Running (or Pool Running). Core exercises have become another essential, here's some good ones from Runners World. Running Planet has done a nice job w/ laying out "The 8 rules of Strength Training". We have some good videos on our Resources page. Dara Torres proved this in her Olympic effort that stunned us all. She adhered to a strict resistance stretching regime (see previous post Doing the Home Stretch with Dara Torres). I am not a huge fan of yoga, but here's a good article by Runners World about a runner w/ a ITB injury who didn't like yoga at the beginning, then became a convert. If I don't get enough rest, my body begins to break down. Listen (very closely) to your body. It does not matter if you have a fabulous husband like I do or get from a pro, it works to relieve the stress of training and tired muscles. You can even do it yourself w/ some videos by Rich Poley who wrote "Self Massage for Athletes". If possible, try to plan your training to run more often on softer surfaces like trails, dirt roads, grassy parks, or even the track. A few good programs are on our resource page. There are many good ones out there find one that suits you. Good article from Runner's World called "Running in Circles". at 46, I still like to run fast. There are several common injuries to running and I think I have had them all. See "Coming back from an injury" posts. I have learned to recognize my body's warning signs and back off. Many of these tips (see Rest, Diet, Stretching/Yoga, Massage, Weight/BMI, Orthotics, and more) are meant to help avoid injuries or help w/ recovery. I have also learned about the importance of BPM (beats per minute) and ensuring that if you are listening to a song, be sure it is not too slow and unconsciously slowing your pace. Marathon Guide has a quick tool to calculate your BMI. Knowing yours can help to find the "right" BMI for your best running performance. With the right layers of clothing this is possible. However, if you are training in summer for a fall race, beware of weather differences. The weather during your race may be very different then when you are training. Don't be discouraged if you are not able to run 17 miles the way you think you should when you are in 80 90 degree heat and high humidity. Hotels (see this post that mentions WestinRun) now will provide maps (and sometimes runners) to guide you. With the help of MapMyRun you can find a route from anywhere. Take a look at some of our Travel running posts. 18. Type of Diet: Adhering to a well balanced, low fat, wholegrain diet that is higher in carbs has always been the best route for me. I love a good smoothie (see post "Smoothie Operator quick nutritional training meal") while training. Here's an interesting article w/ good tips on eating from Cool Running called "The Runner's Diet". I opt for the lower calorie alternatives like electrolyte powder mixes (see post: "Water log: Hydration and road recovery options for runners"). 20. Eating after Running: The window for eating after running is small, but important. See post "Refuel 'Right' after a Run" 21. Running Clothes/Bra: I like my running clothes sporty not funky, but this is obviously personal preference. I have learned that running skirts are the most polarizing of all apparel items. There are tons of shoe guides for different types of feet that are helpful in narrowing it all down. Learning about pronation and choosing a shoe that fits whether you have normal pronation, underpronation (or supination), or overpronation (or hyper pronation) is key. Runner's World has a good article along with videos on pronation here. I have changed my shoe once. I alternate pairs of three for marathon training (it used to be two but with my foot issues, it's now three). Here's Runner's World's "Spring 2009 Running Shoe Guide". The Asics Gel Kayano 15's are the "Editor's Choice" winners and also the shoes I use. A few other quick tips: Measure your feet: As you age, your foot size may gradually change. Make sure salesperson measures your foot while you are standing up Shop later in day: As the day goes on, you feet get slightly larger. Orthotics and socks: Wear socks you use and bring orthotics to store when trying out shoes. Find "dry wick" type of socks instead of cotton. Check wear: Most shoes give you between 300 500 miles of running. Keep track of the miles (see 24 Running Log). Replacing shoes can avoid unnecessary injuries. Check for wear on soles and inside the shoe as well. Local running store: Find a good store that specializes in running shoes. Bring in your old shoes when looking for new ones. A good running shoe specialist should be able to look at old shoe and note the wear/fit when choosing a proper new shoe. As about return policy, many stores will let you run in the shoes and return them if they cause problems. Once you've found the shoes that work for you, you may be able to find the shoes again on line at places like Runners Warehouse (a bold pace readers get 15% off), Overstock, or Holabird Sports. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red,Cousins Wyatt Duca, 2, and Gavin Bilodeau, 2, both of Hinesburg, happily shared an undersized plastic slide inside Hinesburg Town Hall last week. The two met with about 25 other children at a weekly playgroup. Toddlers perused books in pint sized bean bag chairs, crafted butterflies out of vibrant water colored coffee filters, and cooked up some faux grub in a play kitchen as moms, dads, grandparents and nannies chatted away about summer's end, town happenings, and what's for dinner. Playgroup co coordinator Brandy Thorpe of Hinesburg said the playgroup is funded by Building Bright Futures, and the Town of Hinesburg, through the Friends of Families program, a community resource for families that sponsors programs and events throughout the year, free and open to the public. Robin Miller of Hinesburg also serves as playgroup co coordinator. "Winter months are hard," Thorpe said. "Instead of being cooped up inside, families can come here to connect with each other." Each week offers a new theme, and it's always a peanut free zone. There is plenty of parking and it's open to all towns. Kristy Bilodeau and Lindsay Duca, Wyatt and Gavin's mothers, agreed that the huge hall is the perfect morning escape from the house. "It's someplace different to play, and explore for the kids," Duca said. Other Friends of Families programming includes, Parent Education Programs, Welcome Babies, and Children's Clothing and Book Giveaway. on Nov. 3. on Nov. 2. Peanut collectingJerry Russin on A passion for Mr. Peanut collectingAviation and Aerospace Careers Class mvu after school on Highgate center provides kids options in aviationnike free run 3 on Milton teen swims across the lakeArchives

Websites For Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red,Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Fendi is a French famous brand that special produce high quality fur products. In 1925, Fendi officially established in Rome. However, 30 years later, the brand just hold its first fashion occasion. Later on, the company have been developed larger and larger. Its business scope expand to knitting clothing, swimsuit, the garment category, even develop jewelry and perfume. While the Fendi brand still famous for its fur clothes in the fashon world. From the start of the family business, Fendi has to be one of the most famous brands in the international fashion industry. In the Leather clothing areas, Fendi is always a leader. The brand has become the pronoun of fashion and dreams. Its bold innovation and outstanding design constantly create a miracle in the fashion industry. Since the 1970s, The wind of environmental protection gradually be prosperous the western world. Facing opposition from the animal protection organization and green environmentalists, Fendi begin to modify its development direction, which changes its previous center of development. The brand trys to add a number of filar satin and gem luster knitting material into the fashion clothes. The change can reduce the usage of fur and keep the brand's special costly breath. Fendi was a leather fur store in Rome formerly. In 1918, the store was opened by young Adele Cassagrande. Later, when Adele married with Edoardo Fendi in 1925, the store changed its name. The store continued to develop the high quality leather fur products. The five daughters of Fendi all participated in Fendi when they graduated from school. Up to now, Fendi family business has strided forward the third generation. The eleven children of the five sisters all threw themselves into Fendi like their mothers. They in charge of sports series and the accessory series of Fendisimme. The branches stores of Fendi are all around the world. Between the last 70s to 80s, Fendi diversify the development. It expanded to jeans, necktie, glasses and perfume, which make the brand deep into customers' hearts. In 1962, Fendi company employed the famous German designer Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld's dramatic design concept got the global attention and favorable comment in the fashion industry brand clothing. The double F letters for identification of the mixed series, which was cooperated by Lagerfeld and Fendi. The double letters sign was widely known among customers after the French chanel double C letters and Italian gucci double G letters. Lagerfeld dealed with fur with innovatory way. For example, in order to reduce the weight of jacket, he hit many small holes on the fabric, or colorful dyeing processing on the fur. His innovative designs also included choose such as squirrel skins and snow mink to to bold design. In recent years, the leather jakets of Fendi become the hot choice for many women. The various material can satisfied different favour of people. The founder of Fendi was lady Adele Cassagrande. Since the brand founded, it gradually draw over a large number of loyal customers. Among the customers, there are a lot of stars and nobles. In 1938, Fendi opened its sencond fashion store in Rome. The brand has accumulated a large scale of successful experience. Fendi is planing to expand its fashion empire. Its will focus on flourishing asia pacific markets, especially for Chinese business. In Guangzhou, it opened its New concept special store, which show its flexible modern ideas in retailing. In the coming years, Fendi will open more special stores in China to further practice its faith of providing high quality products and service. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Follow The Yellow Brick Road In Red Glitter Shoes!If you have always fancied yourself as a bit of a Dorothy (I certainly have!), or maybe you intend to go to a fancy dress party or Halloween party as this ever popular character, then you certainly need a pair of red glitter shoes to complete your Kansas ensemble. In fact, red glitter shoes are the perfect accessory for many a stylish outfit, whether that of a fairytale princess or a sexy vamp (or vampiress, for that matter) or a cute little number for Valentine's Day. When it comes to sparkly red shoes, you will find that you are so spoilt for choice flats, heels, platforms glitter or sequins; they are all available and you are sure to find the perfect fit. I think that these are really lovely and hope that you enjoy them too. There'll be nothing flat about your outfit when you complete it with a pair of these fantastic red glitter flat shoes! Really comfortable to wear, they'll add more than a little glamor to your costume. I have a pair of these flats because they are not only gorgeous and snazzy, but I also find them extremely comfortable to wear. I sometimes take a pair with me when I go out somewhere special for the evening as a backup when I have to wear stiletto heels. I can't survive wearing high heels for long, and these are ballet flats are a real life saver! These stylish red glitter shoes have everything you could wish for in a pair of Mary Janes the signature foot strap, a four inch heel and for that extra little bit of height, they have concealed platform soles. Very flattering for your legs, and they are just the job for so many different costumes and outfits. Women's whole sizes: 6 10. Heel: 4" They say that you have to click your heels together to return home well, that may be true in the Land of Oz, but your little one is going to want to stay out to show off her sparkly red glitter Dorothy shoes they'll go so beautifully with her costume whatever it is. My little niece simply adores these ballet flats. They make her look like a true princess and she can't help dancing around the house whenever she wears them very sweet, you can't help but smile at her obvious delight. Child sizes: X Small, Small, Medium and Large. This is an officially licensed Wizard of Oz product. These glamorous red Dorothy shoes will lift your outfit to new heights. You'll be on sparkling form with these fabulous red sequin four inch shoes with the saucy little peep toes! Adult Sizes: 6 10. Heel: 4" No matter what your costume is, chances are that this sexy pair of red glitter shoes is just the ticket to complete your ensemble. You'll be sporting a delicious pair of 5" heels and a lovely black patent bow. Great if you have an Aunt Sam costume for a 4th of July parade, or perhaps you are planning to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Snow White (of seven dwarfs fame), the Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland), or maybe a cheeky Minnie Mouse. Women's sizes: 6 10. Red Glitter Shoes PollWhich are your favorite red glitter shoes? Ruby Red Glitter Shoes Dorothy Red Adult Shoes Red Glitter Star Flat Adult Shoes Princess Red Glitter Adult ShoesSee results without voting

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